4 Reasons to Seriously Consider Fitting Paper Composite Kitchen Benchtops

If you're trying to decide what kind of kitchen benchtop material you want, you're probably only considering the standard options, such as laminate, quartz, and granite. However, you might not have thought about, or even heard about, paper composite benchtops.

Yes, the idea of using paper as a benchtop material sounds absolutely absurd at first; after all, the paper you're used to gets soggy quickly and isn't exactly prized for its durability. Be that as it may, paper composite comes with several advantages that makes it ideal for kitchen benchtops.

1. Environmentally-Friendly

First and foremost, paper composite benchtops are very eco-friendly. Made by mixing post-consumer recycled paper with other recycled fibres and a strong resin, paper composite benchtops come from sustainable sources and don't use much energy during production, which isn't usually the case with most other materials. Better yet, a professional can easily recut and retool paper composite benchtops once you're done with them.

2. Easy to Maintain

You're probably thinking that having an eco-friendly option means sacrificing durability and easy-maintenance. In fact, paper composite benchtops are surprisingly durable. This is because they are very dense, and the surface is entirely non-porous. Not even natural stones like marble and granite are non-porous, so they must be regularly treated to avoid stains. Paper composite will not stain and will never require sealing. It's also resistant to water.

3. Lightweight

As you might imagine, paper composite is one of the lightest options for a kitchen benchtop, and this provides homeowners with two major advantages. Firstly, lighter materials are a lot easier to install, and this goes double for paper composite since it can be easily cut and shaped on-site, so you'll save on installation costs. Even better, slabs of paper composite can be fitted across long spans without needing additional support.

4. Style

Your kitchen will generally be one of the most social and visible areas of your home, as well as the room where you and your family often congregate, so you'll naturally want to have yours looking its best. Luckily enough, paper composite boasts a very attractive appearance. Colours can be added during the production process to create a wide range of styles, and the benchtop will develop a nice weathered patina over time. Better yet, seams between slabs can be made very tight, so they are less noticeable compared to the seams created when you use other benchtop materials, such as stone.