Handy Tips to Making the Most of Small Kitchens

If you love to cook, then a large kitchen would be your dream come true. However, this may not be within reach, especially if you are living in an urban area where space is a premium. If you are renting the space, you probably do not have permission to engage in radical renovations to create space either. However, this does not mean that you can now relegate the kitchen to simply reheating food and storing wine. Making the most out of your small kitchen will bring back the joy of cooking into your home. Here are some handy tips that you can use to make the most of the space available to you.

Your oven can provide storage space

It is rare to find a homeowner who will use their oven every single day. People tend to indulge in baking when there is an event coming up or perhaps as an occasional special dessert. What people do not consider is that while the oven is not in use, it provides plenty of storage space. You can opt to sore all your baking items in the oven such as cooling racks, your baking sheets, your cake tins and more, thus leaving room in your cabinets for other items. However, always remember to take them out before preheating the oven!

Hooks are your best friend

Having a small kitchen space means having to make the most of what is already available to you. Since you already have walls in the kitchen, make the most of them by investing in hooks. Sturdy hooks can be used to store a variety of items ranging from cooking pots and different cooking tools. You can also hang lighter items such as your oven mitts, strainers and more. Not only does it make these items easily accessible to you, but you also get a solution for lack of enough storage space in the form of drawers.

Extend your cabinetry to the ceiling

One of the things homeowners do not contemplate is the space between the tops of their cabinetry and the ceiling. This dead space can be maximized through using it for additional storage space, which can come in handy for minimal kitchens. You could opt to either have cabinets installed in the dead space or choose to buy portable plastic storage containers. Since this additional space is out of reach, it would be best suited to items that are not frequently used, such as large platters. However, you should also consider investing in a sturdy stepladder if you opt to extend your cabinetry.