Bathroom Renovations | 3 Winning Strategies To Remodel Your Bathroom Intelligently

The average cost of bathroom renovations is anywhere between $9,000 and $12,000, but this could vary dramatically depending on the scale of remodelling you're planning. Since bathroom renovations could potentially eat into your savings, you'll want to get the job done perfectly with your remodelling contractors. Here are some winning strategies to plan your bathroom remodel intelligently.

Follow a Similar Layout

Keep in mind that you're not constructing a new bathroom, so you don't want to disturb your existing plumbing pipes –– you simply want to enhance the look of your bathroom. Changing your entire bathroom footprint will cost you a fortune, so you'll want to stick to the same layout as much as possible, while introducing brand new fixtures to elevate your bathroom's appearance considerably. Sticking to the same footprint with new plumbing fixtures planted on existing plumbing pipes and systems will save you plenty of dollars in demolition and reconstruction. You'll also reduce the time spent on bathroom renovations, while cutting down on dust and debris in your home. The idea is to optimise the existing bathroom space by planning clever fixtures to open up the area for a more luxurious feel. For example, adding frameless glass shower cubicles to replace drab shower curtains will transform your bathroom into a plush haven. Similarly, replacing an oversized and outdated vanity with a sleek pedestal sink will expand your movement space.

Prioritise Ventilation

Too many homeowners focus on replacing fixtures and applications without paying attention to ventilation during bathroom renovations. Bathroom ventilation may not be in direct sight, but it must be given priority –– this is because good ventilation removes excess humidity and moisture from the air. Excess humidity causes foggy mirrors, peeling paint, damaged cabinetry, slippery floors and mildew growth, so you'll want to give adequate priority to ventilation to maintain healthy bathroom air quality. For better ventilation, install an exhaust fan near your shower or bathtub area to draw moisture outdoors. The shower or bathtub area produces the most moisture because of the hot water you use for bathing. Modern exhaust ventilation fans come with humidity sensors. These sensors detect excess humidity and automatically activate the exhaust fan to remove moisture for a more comfortable environment. You'll also want to make sure that your bathroom window is large enough to ventilate the room.

Stress on Storage

Storage in a bathroom is the biggest challenge because of the small size of this space. After installing a shower, bathtub, toilet and sink, there's little room for hair products, toilet rolls, towels, toothpastes and deodorants. Try to utilise underused vertical wall spaces by installing open shelves for storage. You can also use the spaces between walls to create convenient niches for holding toiletries. You can also introduce stylish woven baskets to hold towels. You can also add a sliding tray to your vanity to give you full access without sending infrequently used items to the back.

When planning bathroom renovations, use these winning strategies to remodel your bathroom as intelligently as possible.