4 Essential Laundry Room Features You’ll Want to Include in a Renovation

When you're ready to renovate your home's laundry area, you want to take your time to think about all the features you'll include. Your laundry room should be much more than a simple closet to house your washer and dryer, but if you don't really design the space and take full advantage of the features available to you, it might be a wasted opportunity for you and your family. Note some of the best features you'll want to include for your laundry room renovation

1. A desk or workspace

If you want to keep an eye on the kids or check your email while folding clothes, create a desk or workspace area. The kids can do their homework or you can chat on Skype while minding the laundry. A desk or workspace can be very small, just slightly wider than a chair, and you can create it with shelving rather than a full desk if you have limited space.

2. Delicates area

You shouldn't need to wash your delicates in the bathroom sink and then hang them from the shower curtain rod if you're renovating your laundry room; take advantage of the opportunity to create a "delicates area." This can include a small sink in which you can wash the delicates and then a set of shelves made with netting so you can lay out those items and allow them to air dry.

3. Fold-up or sliding ironing board

You shouldn't need to wrestle with opening and then folding up a cumbersome ironing board, but when renovating your laundry area, opt for one that folds up against a wall when not in use. This board opens and then folds up again very easily, using just one hinge and a clip to keep it attached to the wall or inside a door. There are also boards that slide under a counter when not in use. Either of these can mean not having to open and close an actual ironing board or having to use part of the laundry room for an ironing board that you always want available for you.

4. Lots of lighting

Be sure you put lots of overhead lighting in your laundry room as well as lighting under any cabinets you have and above any folding or laundry prep area. Spot lighting and LED lights are good for laundry rooms. This will not only keep the laundry room looking bright but can also help you see spots and stains, loose threads, and other areas of your clothes that need attention.