How to Inject Fun Into a Home Renovation

When most people undergo a home renovation, they want to increase the sense of space they have, create a more elegant and refined look or perhaps add value to their home. But how many people say that they want their interior design to be fun? It's almost unheard of, but why shouldn't your home take on some personality? Being surrounded by minimalism might be sleek and chic, but where's the joy in that? Here are some ways that you can inject a bit of fun into your renovation.

Colour is everything. The antidote to a boring interior is colour. This doesn't mean that you need to paint your house every colour of the rainbow, but you certainly shouldn't be scared about bold colour choices. Accents like a bright yellow rug or a deep teal accent wall will breathe life into your house. And because colours affect people's moods, you can also change the way you feel with colour. Bright hues such as yellow and orange add vibrancy to a room and can make you feel more cheerful as a result.

Enjoy art and photos. A house with nothing on the walls is a boring house. Fill up those walls with anything that would make you smile. And you don't have to invest in expensive works of art to do this — you can also put some of your kids' drawings on the wall, crowd every surface with your favourite holiday snaps from years gone by and don't forget flat surfaces, which you can put sculptural artwork on as well. Things like kids' drawings inject the unique personality of your family into the space, so get hanging those pictures.

Have fun with texture. Yes, colour adds new dimension to a home, but people often forget about the role that texture plays within interior design. Something like natural stone, for example, has a natural, gritty texture, which somehow speaks of seriousness. But you can get playful with textures and experiment. If you are thinking of painting a colourful accent wall, why not use high gloss paint so that it has a shiny finish? You can also have fun by purchasing fluffy cushions, or maybe by installing a glittery countertop in your kitchen.

It's important to remember that while interior trends can offer inspiration, you have to live in your house every day, and it should be somewhere you love to be. So get brainstorming, enjoy all the colours on the colour wheel, and let your creativity run wild.