Tips When Repairing a Laminate Kitchen Benchtop

A kitchen benchtop can offer both style and function and be the design focal point within this space. It is possible for your kitchen benchtop to be made out of many different materials, but laminate can be a popular and affordable option for the surface of the benchtop. The only downside to using laminate is that it can easily wear or burn due to high heat. This means that if you accidentally place a hot pan directly on the surface of the laminate kitchen benchtop without anything underneath, it is possible for a heat bubble to appear. If you have a mark on your laminate benchtop where the laminate material has been scorched, it is possible to patch the spot. Before you begin fixing your laminate benchtop, you need to be aware of the most helpful tips designed to make the process simpler.


The first thing that you will need to do when you want to patch the laminate surface of the benchtop is to make sure that the surface is prepped. This means that you need to cut away the bubbled section of the laminate completely and make sure that that all edges are even. You will also need to use a cleaner that is alcohol-based to clean the area before you begin the patch. Just place a small amount of the cleaner on a soft rag and wipe down the surface of the laminate where the patch will need to be made. Make sure that inside and around the cut that you made is completely clean.


When you are patching a laminate benchtop, it is a great idea to use sugru. This is a type of moldable glue that you can find in a number of different colors. This means that you can create a shade that is a perfect match with your benchtop and then use this moldable glue to create a patch. Always make sure that your hands are clean before you handle the sugru. Once the sugru is the right color to match your benchtop, you can press it into the section that you have cut away at the heat bubble. Make sure that you press this moldable glue down firmly into the surface of the benchtop. Once you have the moldable glue completely level, you can wipe away any excess that is not needed. Allow the glue to dry for a few hours and your laminate kitchen benchtop should be as good as new and heat bubble free.