How To Choose Kitchen Cabinets For A Minimalist Kitchen

To create a minimalist kitchen, you need to eliminate as much visual clutter and busyness as possible. A lot of stuff and clutter weighs down a room, whereas a clean, streamlined kitchen that is free of unnecessary clutter feels lighter and airier.

If your aim is minimalism, keep that at the forefront of your mind when selecting your kitchen cabinets.

Clear Countertops

A major part of a minimalist kitchen involves maintaining clear countertops. Obviously, you need a lot of utensils, appliances and gadgets to get the day-to-day cooking done. You might not be able to simply throw all these things out (though some you might), but you can have enough storage space built into the cabinetry so there is a place for everything. 

When designing your cabinetry, work out a convenient and handy storage place for commonly used appliances such as toasters so they can be put away quickly after use with little fuss and bother. You can even hide the rubbish bin from sight by installing a roll-out trash bin inside a cabinet. One appliance that you might want to keep absolutely handy on the countertop is a kettle, so it is ready and waiting for a sustaining cup of tea or coffee at any moment.

By thinking through your exact storage needs and planning ahead, you should have a place to put everything neatly away when not in use—keeping your countertops clear, streamlined and clutter-free.

Streamlined Cabinet Design

After working out the storage needs that your new cabinetry will cater for, you then need to consider the cabinet design. To create a minimalist kitchen, aim for a smooth, even, uninterrupted flow across the cabinet fronts: simply a clean wall of cabinets with minimal detail.

To achieve this, choose a simple, flat door style without contouring and beveling that adds detail and creates a more traditional look. Also opt for streamlined handles, without intricate detail. One option is to go handleless altogether and install cabinets with push latches; you just gently push on the door to open it, and likewise to close it. Another discreet option is integrated handles, where the door edges incorporate a beveled inner groove or channel which can be grabbed to open. Edge pulls provide a further alternative, where only a sliver of handle appears over the cabinet door top. 

If you love the minimalist vibe and are after a sleek, streamlined kitchen, keep this front and center when choosing your new cabinetry. Make sure to install enough thoughtful storage to keep you countertops easily clutter-free, and also select clean, unadorned cabinets, minus unnecessary detail. A custom joinery professional should be able to help with the latest up-to-date ideas for cabinetry.