Restumping Details You Need to Have Before the Process Begins

Maintaining your house in good shape requires you to carry out some maintenance processes such as restumping. Most house stumps are made of wood, and they need to be replaced when they become weak or defective. The foundation of your house determines how strong the house will be, and that's why you should replace all the weak stumps immediately.  If you don't put more emphasis on the foundation while constructing a house, you shorten its lifespan, invite severe property damage and put the lives of those living in it at risk. Most stumps are exposed to moisture and soil, and this makes them vulnerable to damages.

Why Do Stumps Get Damaged?

House stumps get degraded for various reasons, and that's why you need to be watchful to notice the first signs when they occur. If homeowners kept a sharp eye on the condition of their stumps regularly, they wouldn't need urgent stump replacement services or suffer unexpected property damage as often. The soil contains more moisture content that leads to degraded stumps. Any open sewage lines around your house make the soil damper, increasing the damage risks of the house stumps. Don't ignore any seepage in the sewage lines if you want to keep the stumps in good condition.

What Indicates That Your House Needs Restumping?

You shouldn't restump your house after the damage is already done. You should instead look for certain signs to restump it in good time. Contact professionals in restumping services once you notice that the floors have become uneven. Those sloping grounds indicate that something worse may happen if you don't restump your house in good time. You also know that the stumps of your house are degrading if the walls develop cracks. Although the crevices and cracks on the wall are small, they cause severe structural problems if restumping is delayed. The doors of a house that needs to be restumped don't open easily.

What Determines the Restumping Cost?

Certain aspects determine how much the professional restumping services will cost you. Restumping professionals consider the height of your property when drafting the quotes. If the height is above the normal range, the experts will use a complex restumping method, and this means you will dig deep into your pocket. Restumping professionals will also consider the number of stumps they need to construct or replace to determine the cost. The cost will also depend on whether you intend to replace the wooden stumps with more durable stumps such as steel or concrete stumps.

Now You Got It!

Restumping is a maintenance practice that homeowners shouldn't neglect. Now you know that moisture content and soil patterns degrade the stumps that support your house in a big way. 

For more information, contact a company that offers restumping services.