Suggestions For Making Your Bathroom Appear Larger During A Renovation

Bathrooms can often be relatively small spaces. So what can you do when renovating to make these rooms appear larger? Here are some suggestions.

Natural Light

Bringing more daylight into a bathroom will give the impression of extra space. If the window is small, would it be possible to install a skylight? Alternatively, you might be able to create an expansive window and fill it with frosted glass. A clear glass window, on the other hand, could give a view of a small private garden area screened with a high fence, which you could gaze at from the bathroom. You could also fit a translucent blind or sunscreen blind that doesn't block the light but offers privacy.

Visual Clutter

If you install ornate tiles, curvy mirrors and patterned flooring, the overall effect will be busy in a compact area. Thus, do the opposite if you want to generate roominess. Cover the floor, walls and ceiling with similar light tones. This will minimise the transitions between the different surfaces.

Because basins are typically cream or white, they will blend in with the soft colour palette. You can add interest and warmth with textures such as an ash-timber-coloured vanity or a pale beige travertine countertop. 

Alternately, lay soft grey stone tiles on the walls, reaching to the ceiling. If you want a darker colour, use it for the floor, where it will appear less heavy and won't disrupt the airy and light feeling you're trying to create.

Shower Area

The shower is a designated zone where you can bathe. However, you don't want it to appear separate if your main focus is on spaciousness. Thus, integrate the shower with the rest of the room in a seamless way.

Continue using the same floor tiles inside and outside the enclosure. Use clear glass shower screens that trap the water but don't create a visual barrier. Frameless screens are best, as the shower won't have a metal outline.

In a small bathroom, you need to think about the practicalities of the shower door's opening style. A swinging door extends over the floor, whereas a sliding door is compact.

Room Proportions

You might be less interested in making the bathroom look bigger overall than in correcting its proportions. For example, you may have a long and narrow bathroom and want it to look more balanced. If that's the case, create lines that are parallel with the short wall. For example, lay rectangular tiles to form horizontal lines on the floor so it appears wider during your bathroom renovation. You can do the same with a narrow wall.

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